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Project Manager  • Producer • Post Producer
Filmmaker • Director  • Editor • VFX Artist • Screenwriter • Cinematographer • Consultant
What am I? The sum of my every day experiences and lifelong acquired skills to pour at every project. A passionate, creative and restless guy in a constant search for a thrill. To be kind, honest, creative while loving what I do. Paying it forward, sharing experiences and knowledge to keep learn and grow.

I just can’t get enough of this beautiful craft, and humbly thank everyone that makes my dreams and passions come to live. Thank you for visiting!


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Project Manager

For over 15 years, I started to dwell into project management with an Agile mindset, successfully driving  and fitting the production process into a fast, structured, and lean environment through different methodologies to deliver value first in a consistent way.

A member of PMI®, goal oriented and priority driven, in a constant search to learn, share and apply my knowledge and skills to every project with a unique perspective forged through a rich multidisciplinary experience.


From design, animation, VFX, live-action, digital, web, broadcast, social, live-streaming and more, I’ve served the story, the brand, the audience through the years and technologies. Managed multiple projects simultaneously in a fast paced environment which I love and on which a thrive.

A creative project management to deliver beyond expectations end results; to guide the client though the creative process in a collaborative effort through multidisciplinary team members regardless of timezones and languages. On time, on quality, on budget.

Post Producer

Postproduction, for me, is nothing short of magic. It’s collaboration at its best and where the project and storytelling makes or breaks.

From hands on experience in editing, motion graphics and animation, color grading and VFX I’ve turned my skills and experience into a seasoned Post producer and VFX supervisor involved in a management stage from breakdowns, planning, distributing, supervising, and tracking, to final delivery, to lend a hand and offer creative solutions and workflows to get there faster, better.



Directing is turning a vision into reality. To drive the story home, regardless of the format. To turn to the best creative minds and elevate their passion to deliver their best. To guide the team, to drive the story. To use the best and diverse tools, techniques, and technology to connect.

A collaborative effort where I’m blessed to create and direct from Ad Campaigns, series, and social campaigns to corporate and e-learning projects.



From an extensive experience and fined tuned skills, I’ve had the opportunity to teach and share my experience with a different light and approach. From the story and character and drivers, to planning every single stage at Pre-Production. From the tech side, workflows, pipelines and tools to the human side, team building and roles to bring the best to the project.

From asset management to every stage of Postproduction and final delivery. From Concept to Screen.


Stories begin in our souls. They sometimes scream to get out and see the light. This is why a write. To unwind and get lost into a world of possibilities and give it form to those dramas, characters, and conflicts in a page.

From simple prose to episodic tv series development and pitch decks, to award winning screenplays and a novel on the way.

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Honors & Awards

Stage 32 Semifinalist Screenwriting Contest

Issued by Stage 32. 4th Searching for New Blood International Contest · Jan 2018
Original Feature Screenplay “Termination Policy”

Screencraft Semifinalist Screenwriting Contest

Issued by Screencraft International Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest · Dec 2017
Original Feature Screenplay “Termination Policy”

Best VFX & Animation

Issued by Pantalla de Cristal · Nov 2013
Campaign Coppel Renovaciones

Best Editing TV Commercial

Issued by Pantalla de Cristal · Nov 2006
Campaign “Free Ticket” Posadas

Courses & Certifications
Continuous learning is a must for me. Learning new techniques and processes to integrate into my daily and professional life.

From Project Management like Agile, Scrum, Safe and PMI®, to tools to facilitate the project flow like Jira, Asana, Trello and Monday.

From a Teamwork perspective, courses designed for team collaboration to creativity.

From social media to understand an apply concepts like SEO strategies, marketing tools and analytics.

From a personal perspective, mastering professional soft skills, screenwriting, creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Learning new software and applications is my happy place. There’s always new to learn with new and improved tools for being more productive, collaborative and, well,… to play with.

Learning Philosophy or flying…it’s just for fun.


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