“We are the sum of our experiences, our determination with which we face the challenges and our daily vision ”

Dedication, study and preparation. That’s the ticket.

Project Manager, Producer and Post Producer for over 30 years. Priority driven, creative & restless by nature, always curious to explore new ways to innovate, achieve, and collaborate on a project, to grow.

A PMI® member, who from different professional workstreams, acquired the experience and learned from to apply into more than 2000 projects with a unique perspective.

From the production and tech side, to social media strategies, advertising and digital realm, a pure devotion to deliver value, building meaningful relationships to learn from, while having fun and loving every second of each experience.

I love to learn and share. To explore new ways in project management, direction, production, cinematography, editing, writing, screenwriting and postproduction, consolidated now in Project Management, as they are part of my language and DNA to tell stories and express my passion. I like to say I’m a work in progress, always evolving.

I’m goal-oriented with innovation and reinvention are at the core. I believe in adding value to each project while permeating the company/brand’s culture in a responsible and consistent way.

In one of the most collaborative and multidisciplinary arts, I have allowed myself to:

  • Adapt to the constant and demanding challenges of an everyday evolving environment.
  • Get out of the conventional to create, test and implement ground-breaking workflows. To take risks and learn from my mistakes.
  • Master the human and technical aspects of planning, production, development and postproduction in time and budget, keeping me fervently updated on the latest trends and techniques for image acquisition, processing and distribution, from software to hardware.

“There can be no innovation without a deep love and respect for what one does ”

I celebrate challenges: I take initiative and embrace innovation to create and develop projects with result-oriented teams, generating personal and organizational growth, building inter-departmental and third parties alliances while motivating to add value and quality to the final product and to those who participate in each project, regardless of distance, language or country.

The Project Management, Production and Postproduction of content, from concept to screen, not only requires multitasking:

  • I maintain a broad global vision as well as attention to detail.
  • Supervision, motivation and demand the maximum of myself and of those who make up my team, while giving them the freedom to bring the best of their ideas and experience to the table.
  • I listen and empower in a market that constantly reinvents itself.
  • I detect and evaluate the budgetary opportunities to ensure that each dollar invested looks like 10. To be realistic and creative.

That is my job, my responsibility and my passion: Generate results by connecting emotionally with the brand, client, team members, project and audience. To delegate to let each team member bring the best to the project. To deliver on time, on spec, on quality and on budget, while having fun. To close the gap between real life experiences while I try to maximize the benefits and talent around the world in the digital realm with remote workflows and collaboration.

There is not a single project that is the same, and I do not stop thanking and learning from each one of them, as well as to all those who make it happen, helping me grow and to have the opportunity to share.

I love to see people soar, to think outside of the box, to plan on how can we do better and I ponder upon that while reading, writing, and even now & then, while playing some golf.

Thank you for spending a few minutes reading about me and my passion.


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